I’m a singer-songwriter and a recording artist.

My recording career started with The LizerdsIs It Late?“, a 7” single released in 1980. Long out of print, you will find it on Killed By Death Vol. 12 or the 30th Anniversary Remaster on iTunes.

In the mid-80’s, I arranged and recorded a number of releases with DJ Flash and The Future MC’s, a pioneering West Coast rap group based in Los Angeles. These include “Erotic City Rapp”, “We Are The Future”, “I Have A Dream Rapp” and “Beverly Hills Cop Rapp”.

In the 1990s, I also began to work more on computer networks and systems management. I was profiled in the book “101 Businesses You Can Start On The Internet” by Dan Janal in 1995. I built one of the first 1300 web sites listed in Yahoo in 1993. I was a member of The Well and Mindvox. Along the way, I managed desktops and server rooms, built and ran content management systems, ran publishing departments, put together research teams and coordinated developers in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. I built a method for transferring data (using X.25) into the former Soviet Union in 1993 as part of Kazahkstan’s efforts to open its oil resources to the West. Since then, I have advised a number of Fortune 100 companies on using the Internet to deliver their products and services. And isn’t the world a better place?

About This Site

This is my headquarters for information and media that I want to share publicly, as well as a way for me to selectively manage search engine indexes related to my name and works. You can find my CV on LinkedIn here or by searching for my name: Coleman Jolley.

The best way to get my attention is via Twitter (@colejolley) or through the contact form on this site. I also have a Band/Musician page on Facebook (Coleman Jolley) which you can Like/become a fan of/post on the wall. And if you would like to hear some of the music I have produced, you can find it on my Soundcloud channel, at, on Bandcamp at or through my Facebook music page at