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While working on mixes for my album Black Salt, I started to put together some songs written on guitar and piano that followed lighter themes, the opposite of Black Salt. Not at all the death metal album that I *was* planning. I guess we will see how it all turns out. Meanwhile, the synthesizers were staring forlornly at me from the corner of the studio. Out of nowhere, a producer friend of mine called up and asked if I would be interested in doing some music for a commercial spot they were working on. “Sure” I said. Spent a couple of days on something, they liked it, and the synthesizers got a chance to take a walk around the park. Nice way to segue into spring.

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Coleman Jolley 2013

I’ve moved into full time audio production and mixing/mastering from my home studio as well as commercial work for producers. Always happy to hear about a project that needs a special something. Get in touch!

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My music page on Facebook is updated for 2014 and has its own address now. You can Like and Subscribe from the button below, or go to facebook.com/colemanjolley



Monotude is a new album of electronic music, recorded in 2011. It draws inspiration from the space in between public and private, between the ears and the headphones, and from both digital and analog synthesis techniques. You can find it on my SoundCloud channel here:  colemanjolley/monotude

colemanjolley On SoundCloud

I’ve launched a channel on SoundCloud. You can find me there as colemanjolley, posting all my albums for streaming or download. Or check out the player below:

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Remaster session for The Lizerds “Is It Late?”

Remastering The Lizerds with Andreas Meyer

Andreas Meyer at the keyboard digging into The Lizerd’s noisy past. Punk remastered.